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Door Finger Protector ™

Door Finger Protector - animation
Door Finger Protector - plan view
Door Protection

Door Finger Protector ™ provides protection against fingers entering the dangerous gap along the hinged side of doors.

  • The unique design enables it to be secured in most cases without the need for screws or nails, therefore no damage to door or frame and no compromise of fire door integrity. However, if required (i.e. due to poor surface condition) additional screw fixings can and will be used.

  • With a reputation for durability, Door Finger Protector ™ is also extremely versatile. It is the only device available that fits ALL door types including:

    • UPVC
    • glass
    • metal / crittal
    • fire exits with push bars
    • pivot-hinge
    • flag-hinge
    • bi-fold
  • Ergonomic design makes Door Finger Protector ™ unobtrusive and inconspicuous. When installed it creates NO resistance or restriction to the normal operation of a door.

  • 1985mm standard length can be easily cut down to fit all door heights

  • Finger protectors ™ are available in four colours.

    RAL 9003

    RAL 7024

    RAL 8001

    RAL 8017

  • Not sure which size to order? See our handy chart below:
Door Finger Protector ™

"Finger protection is installed by people who take safety seriously"