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Stop doors slamming!

Handle Side Solutions

Door Slam StopThe handle side of doors represents a dangerous risk of injury equal to that on the hinge cavity side. Doors without closing mechanisms – making them susceptible to slamming as a result of through drafts – and those with poorly adjusted or faulty closers pose the greatest risk.

Slam Stop

Door Slam Stop is ideal for preventing injury on the handle side of doors. Designed primarily for use in child care centres and the home, Door Slam Stop can also be effective in most other environments.

The anti door slam device works by locking itself when a door attempts to close at speed and with force. It then releases itself, enabling the door to slowly close fully. Simple and easy to install, Door Slam Stop will work with most wooden frame doors and comes complete with fixings and fitting instructions.

Safe Stop

Door Safe StopFor metal doors, UPVC doors and internal/external gates there is an alternative solution to the risk of handle side accidents using Door Safe Stop. This device is also suitable for fitting to wooden doors, especially double doors and twin pivot doors.

Door Finger Protector ™

"Finger protection is installed by people who take safety seriously"