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A gust of wind, a thoughtless moment, a playtime prank — whatever the cause, in Victoria alone statistics show on average there are more than 500 hospital admissions every year for serious hand and finger injuries caused by doors. Over half of those admitted are under the age of 9 with almost 50% suffering fractures or traumatic amputation.

[Source: MONASH University Accident Research Centre]


The dangers associated with finger entrapment affect not just young children in schools and day care centres but the elderly and disabled who are also particularly vulnerable. In fact, anyone is potentially a victim of a door related accident as the picture (left) shows.

“How can these accidents be prevented?”

Fortunately, there is now an affordable solution that can remove the risk of this type of injury occurring. Door Finger Protector devices are simple yet robust and prevent fingers from entering the full length of the dangerous gap along the hinged side of a door.

< A door did this to Susan, a 27 year old primary school teacher. If this can happen to an adult then the risk to children is even greater.

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"Finger protection is installed by people who take safety seriously"